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Things To Do Over Easter Break

It’s been a long term. A very long term. Three whole months of having no free time and a poor excuse for a social life. So many deadlines and assignments, frankly we all deserve a round of applause. Most students will be leaving campus over the next few days for either three weeks or an entire month, so here’s what I think we should all be getting up to as soon as we get home.

Eat all the food. All of it.

It’s Easter break for a reason, so make the most of being at home by guilt-tripping your parents into still treating you like a child and buying you that Frozen easter egg you’ve had your eye on for weeks now. Then raid the kitchen cupboards for any other chocolate going spare. When you’ve made your way through all the sweet stuff, move on to savoury goods. Have as many roast dinners as you can, because there’s still one more term of living off student loans left.

Get a really good nights sleep. 

There’s nothing better than being back in your bed after a long time away from home, because all of those late night essay writing library sessions will be forgotten. Finally you’ll be reunited with your one true duvet, and it will be magnificent. 

Catch up with family and friends.

Don’t use being at home as an excuse for total laziness, there are people waiting to see you! For a few weeks everybody’s in the same place again like they were before university, so make a mental list of all the people you want to meet up with before they all go back and live at opposite ends of the country again. Sure, it’s not that long until the longer break over summer, but it’s still nice to show people you care about them.

Fit in some sort of exercise.

In the last few weeks of term any sort of routine you’ve built up over the months flies out of the window, you become a hunchback sat at a desk for hours on end, and you begin to convince yourself that you’re developing some sort of arthritis from all this typing business. It doesn’t have to be anything intense, go for long walks and learn how to use your leg muscles again, just incorporate movement into your day so that you can justify eating copious amounts of food afterwards.

Binge watch a tv show.

I barely watch any television when i’m at university, so the first week of being home will be taken up with catching up on all of the latest seasons of my favourite shows. I’m looking at you, Daredevil. Looking at you. 

Do a little bit of revision. Do it.

Being home is a great way to avoid all thoughts of your degree, but it is only three weeks of freedom, and unfortunately exams aren’t that far away now. Time will fly by and come the end of April, everybody will be piling into the library for revision. Get ahead of the game and get started whilst you still have home comforts around you – you’ll be way less stressed and, again, that chocolate will still be there to comfort you.

Have a great break everyone!



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