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Profile: Poppy the Pug!

It’s been a long, hard week my friends. The weather’s turned cold, I now have to spend money on central heating, and the first round of deadlines are looming closely in the distance. But this week I got to catch up with the most beautiful creature in the world, and she turned my mood right around. She told me not to stress, and to smile at the small things in life. Poppy was even nice enough to sit (relatively) still and answer a few questions for me, to which I’m sure you’re all going to be grateful for…

Full name? Princess Poppy Puggington.

Age? 8 Months.

Occupation? Freelance model, daily walker and full time attention seeker. 

Any hobbies? Cheerleading (when I can sit still enough to get my costume on) and visiting my bestie Chloe in Falmouth. Oh, and sleeping. Love those daytime power naps. 

Favourite toy? Mr Elephant – he’s been there for me since the beginning, and we have a very strong relationship. 

What do you think of the current political situation in America? Ugh, Mr Trump makes my tiny nostrils flare visciously. Too angry to even speak about it. No. I’d do a much better job tbf. 

Any health and fitness advice? The key is to get yourself into a routine. I like to get out of the house everyday, walking makes me so happy and really stretches those leg muscles. Makes up for all my cheeky snacks too, hehe. 

So what’s your favourite food? Anything and everything. Doesn’t even have to be edible, I like a challenge. 

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Halloween is going to be super chill. Watch some movies, maybe carve a pumpkin, greet all the trick-or-treaters, and totes eat ALL the foods. Mummy even found me a cute jumper for the occasion, and I’m super excited to show it off. 

You’re welcome.



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