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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day When You’re Home

Call Her 

First up, just because you’re not home for Mother’s Day, that doesn’t give you the excuse to not acknowledge it! Drop your mum a text, give her a ring, or video call her on Skype. Anything to just let her know that you are thinking of her and how much she means to you.  

Buy Her Gifts

If you haven’t already sent a mother’s day card, what are you waiting for? Hop to it! However, as Mother’s Day falls on a very awkward day this year (2 weeks before we actually go home for Easter break!), we’re given that extra window to really put some thought into our gifts. It’s always hard to decide what to buy for her birthday, let alone Mother’s Day, so make you drop subtle hints to find out what she’s really hoping for! Whilst the mediocre ‘box of chocolates’ seems like the obvious choice, it’s safe to say there’s something she wants more. So if you’re not strapped for cash, why not splash out on that expensive perfume she’s been eyeing up, or create your own bouquet of flowers? Whatever it is she’ll appreciate it even more if you’re gone out of your way to buy it! 

Take Her Out

Now that you’re back home and the pressure of deadlines are off it’s the perfect time to spend a few weeks relaxing with your family. And when I say relaxing, I mean squeezing in anything other than revision. However, make sure you find time to treat your mum to something special. Whether that’s taking her out for a delicious meal, hitting up the cocktail bar together, or even hanging out at the local garden centre. It’s always nice to treat her to something that she really likes to do, and it’s even more exciting when she is completely unaware. We all love surprises!

Do The Housework

If you want to extend the M.D celebrations and really show your mum how much she means to you, DO. THE. HOUSEWORK! We all know that your father won’t be doing it, and we’re pretty sure that your mother will probably appreciate it more than you showering her with tons of chocolate! It is Easter after all…how much chocolate do we really need? So even if it’s just making the beds, hanging the laundry, or doing the weekly shop, the less she has to do, the happier she’ll be! 

Appreciate Her

And finally, just take a moment to appreciate your mother and all the thing’s she’s done for you. After all, what kind of person would you be today without someone who always had your back? Give her a cuddle, tell her you love her, and casually thank her for giving birth to the coolest person in the world. Oh and we think the eecard says it all. LOVE YOU MUM!   


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