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Whilst Spring is officially here, there are some days where it is starting to feel like summer itself!

I went in search of the perfect ‘beach weekend’ outfit, for those days where Gylly Beach is a very welcome distraction. This pretty long skirt combined with Vintage denim jacket is effortless, and when topped off with a pretty white camisole, this outfit just screams ‘sunshine!’Pair with flip flops, bare feet, pumps, espadrilles or even chunky wedges if you find yourself out for post-beach dinner and drinks.

Abi Deakin wears top and skirt from new look, pumps from Topshop and Vintage Levi’s Denim jacket. 

Whatever you do, when the sun is out, make the most of the beautiful campus and surrounding area we live in! Enjoy!

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Jessica Meechan

Exeter Cornwall

I am a first year English Literature student with a passion for telling it like it is. 
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