Be Our Guest: 4 Great Places to Eat at Disneyland Paris

Everyone knows that Disneyland Paris is one of the most magical places in the world. Whether you’re an actual child or just one at heart, there’s a ride or character for everyone, and no one leaves without having a great holiday. However, there is one factor which is uncertain, and that’s if everyone will like the food on offer in the park. 

This was our main concern when we started out from Ebbsfleet in early January. A mixed bag of university graduates and final-year students, we were not only hoping to escape our different stresses with just a few days of pretending that we weren’t adults with responsibilities, but also that we’d be able to eat well during our journey. It was a particular concern for my friend Emma, a vegan who was willing to be a vegetarian for the holiday, since France is better known for its cheese than for its catering to those who don’t eat meat. Having a great holiday was a given – having great meals, on the other hand, wasn’t. We got lucky with where we booked, though, so here’s a rundown of all the places we went to and why they were great.

1. Chuck Wagon Café – Hotel Cheyenne

With a Tex-Mex themed buffet, this restaurant was the best place for us to begin our holiday. Massive ribs, fajitas, and a dessert cart with some very rich chocolate mousse were only some of the highlights. As for Emma, she was able to grab two plates of different veggie dishes and enjoyed all of them, which seemed a very good sign of what was to come.

Auberge de Cendrillon – Main Park

One of the priciest of our meals, it was an opportunity for me to fulfil my childhood dream of meeting Belle while getting to enjoy rather more adult glow martinis. Most of us went with the turbot in a gorgeous champagne sauce, Emma had the fancy but tasty vegetable stew that was the day’s special, and all of us enjoyed the Cinderella-themed dessert which came with its very own white-chocolate slipper. 

Billy Bob’s – Disney Village

Based on our hotel’s recommendation, we decided to go to our second southern-themed buffet of the trip, and came out of the meal with even better results. The ribs were even more tender, and Emma was able to celebrate her birthday with three plates of vegetarian food, all of which had different dishes and all of which she loved. Even better, the dessert table had chocolate brownies so good that you’d be tempted to smuggle a few out in your handbag for later (something that none of us did, we swear).

Bistro Chez Remy – Walt Disney Studios Park

In our final restaurant of the trip, Emma found herself in the unfortunate position of being surrounded by steaks – which, coincidentally, was one of the best I’ve ever had – but she enjoyed her vegetable and tofu navarin, and we all loved our different desserts, not least the restaurant's ginormous tiramisus. And of course, all of the mains came with ratatouille, which tasted delicious.

Food in a park such as Disneyland Paris all depends on taste, as well as who you have come, and I am glad we managed to find 4 great places to eat which also catered to the vegetarian in our group. Be sure to try them yourself if ever you return to the magical kingdom of Disney!