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5 TV Shows for Music Lovers

There are many passions in this world, such as history and science. Sooner or later, the film and television industries manage to incorporate them into a show or a movie. When your passion is music, and all that comes with it, sometimes you may find the media world lacking in decent representations of the music industry, or without good musical soundtracks in general. Having recently discovered a passion for the “musical television series” genre myself, here are 5 recommendations of shows that portray the world of music.

5. Treme

A rare find, and created by the man behind The Wire, this show encompasses both realistic and dramatic portrayals of daily life, demonstrating the positive impact of music on people’s lives. Set in a post-Katrina New Orleans, the show is imbibed with the Louisiana sound and voices. It shows a city rebuilding itself in the wake of a disaster, and the various characters’ struggle in what is now a completely different world.

4. Nashville

Country music doesn’t always have to be associated with Taylor Swift and cowboy hats – although there’s plenty of that in this show too. In fact, the country stars in this show are all kinds of glamorous, and – in true dramatic fashion – unafraid to manipulate. Ignoring the soap-ish tendencies of a “Queen of Country” figure fearing she’s being replaced, the music alone is simply amazing, with a great cast of voices behind it. The storylines deal with a lot of important topics that stem from living a life in the music industry.

3. The Get Down

A new appearance on Netflix last year, it took quite a few people by storm. It was created by Baz Luhrmann, defiantly unashamed in its portrayal of the world of R&B. Set in the 1970s – the age of disco – it features a talented cast, focusing on a set of brothers determined to make something of themselves. A must-see for lovers of disco, R&B and amazing choreography.

2. One Tree Hill

It has been heard on social media: regardless of the quality of One Tree Hill’s script, it always had an incredible and well-chosen soundtrack, and depicted the ups and downs of the music industry in a realistic way. The music is often linked in a good way to the storylines, and the industry itself is not soapified.

1. Empire

The saga of a family more than just simply ‘involved’ in the music industry, this show depicts the notion of power in an business that is constantly changing hands, and how an entire family can be affected by the choices made as a result of this power. It features amazing vocals and well-written songs, but most important is the clear investment on the part of the actors and writers to make this portrayal realistic and true.

Obviously, these are all American television shows, but the UK certainly knows the importance of music and its industry. Hopefully, the television industry over here in the UK will take note of what a popular sub-genre of drama musicality is proving itself to be, and more will follow on our side of the pond. 

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