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3 Movies to Watch on St Patrick’s Day

For Irish people, 17th March is an important day. It’s a day where they can celebrate who they are and where they come from, and it’s also a day in which they can let loose a little and have some fun. As an Irish person myself, I love St Patrick’s Day and intend to celebrate in style this year. However, the typical Cornish weather being what it is, sometimes it’s best to curl up with a book or a movie in celebration of this day. If you want to celebrate at home in the warmth – even if you”re not Irish and just like the holiday – here are 3 great movies themed around Ireland and Irish people – not all of them happy are happy, but they perfect for celebrating the spirit of the Emerald Isle. 

1. Leap Year

If you fancy an easy romantic comedy set in the gorgeous verdant settings of Ireland, this is the one for you. It focuses on Anna, played by the always awesome Amy Adams, who wants to propose to her boyfriend on leap day because, apparently, there’s an Irish tradition that men can’t refuse a proposal on that day of the year. Shot on location in various Irish counties, including the beautiful County Wicklow, it’s one to watch if you just fancy a good laugh while celebrating the day. 

2. The Commitments

This one is a bit more complex. Based on the best-selling novel by Roddy Doyle, it tells the story of an Irish band during the Troubles and all the challenges they face due to the tumultuous times. This a great choice for music lovers, as the soundtrack is pretty amazing and sung by the actors themselves, but also for those who want to get a vision of Ireland as it once was and reflect on how it has changed. Be prepared for lots of creative Irish swearing though – they don’t hold back!

3. Brooklyn 

I am obsessed with this movie and you should you be too. Starring the inimitable Saoirse Ronan, it tells the story of Eilis, a young Irish girl who emigrates to America during the 1950’s. The acting and cinematography is superb, and it beautifully portrays how much Eilis misses her home and the Irish community that exists all around the world due to the vast amounts of emigration from the country. It manages to be both uplifting and sad at the same time, and this movie’s Ireland is depicted with great nostalgia. 

Molly Griffiths

Exeter Cornwall '18

I grew up in Paris but was born in Ireland to an Irish mother and a British father. I'm literally obsessed with movies and literature. I also love animals and discovering new things.
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