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Your A-Z Fashion Dictionary

Love fashion, but not sure exactly what the terms “macramé” and “vent” mean? Look no further than this A-Z fashion dictionary. From a-line to zori, this list will have you speaking like a designer in no time.


A skirt that is fitted at the waist and widens toward the hem, like the sides of a letter “A.”


A unit of measurement for fabric used in fashion design. Bolts are usually between 40-100 yards.


Clothing that is designed by hand for each individual customer, specifically to meet their measurements.


A pleat put into a piece of clothing to help shape it, usually around the bust or waist.

Empire waist

When a garment’s waistline sits just under the bust, rather than around the waist.


The face of a piece of fabric is the side of the fabric that is meant to be facing out when it is worn.


A single item of clothing.


The finished bottom edge of a dress, skirt, coat, or pant.


The arched area of your foot. In fashion, the instep refers to the part of a shoe that covers this part of your foot.


A stretchy fabric often used to make t-shirts.

Knife pleat

Pressed pleats that create sharp folds.

Lettuce hem

Occurs when the fabric is stretched and pulled while being sewn, which creates a wavy hem that resembles the edge of a lettuce leaf.


A technique of making fabric by threading together multiple different colors or types of yarn or string into decorative patterns.


A category of fabrics that is not woven, knitted, knotted, or crocheted. These types of fabrics are not as popular as woven fabrics.


A gradual change in color from dark to light.


Flared fabric at the bottom of a shirt, jacket, dress, or coat that is gathered at the top to create a flounce.


The part of a shoe that covers your heel.


A sleeve style that uses one piece of fabric from neckline to wrists, leaving no shoulder seam.

Signature bag

A handbag that features the signature or initials of the designer as part of its main print.


Formal evening wear for men, including a tailored jacket and trousers.


A single garment that covers the entire body, including the arms and legs.


A slit in a piece of clothing meant to make it easier to move in.

Wrap dress

Considered one of the most flattering garments of all time, the wrap dress is a dress that is wrapped around you instead of pulled up from the ankles or down over the head. It was brought into fashion by Diane Von Furstenberg.

X-ray fabric

Sheer or see-through fabric made to show the body, creating the effect of an x-ray.


The part of a shirt or dress that stretches over the shoulders in the front and back.


A type of Japanese sandal.


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