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Why you need a different playlist for each mood

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You might be thinking “Is it really necessary to have 20 playlists?” The answer is yes. ALWAYS. As a person who enjoys music and basically can’t function without it, I like to curate my playlists to fit my certain moods. These curated playlists of my favorite songs make the day sweeter. Throughout high school, I started getting into all genres of music. My friends would always ask me what song I was listening to and I found it so cool that I could share my passion with other people. When I do my homework, I like to listen to my “90’s romcom” playlist just so I can feel like Kat Stratford in “10 things I hate about you.” One can dream right? I may not have Heath Ledger watching me as I write an essay, but the music is the closest thing I can get.

I always imagined being a film director. As I watch movies, I always picture being the soundtrack curator and what I would do in that position. My playlist “Rolling Credits” is my little created reality that I can add to and make up my own movie scenarios. Now, these might not be songs to clean your room to, but they are songs to experience. I sound crazy but I really do believe music can change your whole outlook on daily activities.

If you would like to venture into these mini realities, feel free to follow my Spotify! (I update my playlists every week and am always on the hunt for new music) @Jaynaflorann

xoxo Jayna

Jayna Ducharme

Endicott '25

My name is jayna and I’m an architecture major at Endicott! I love to write and stay updated on all the pop culture:) xoxo
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