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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

Where She Went: Naples, Florida 

I hopped on a plane to Florida with my aunt and my suede fringe jacket…

So many questions filled my mind as I boarded the plane.

What will I do first, go to the beach, the pool, the spa?  Will I go shopping? What will I buy? Wait, should I have brought another suitcase? Nah, I can make it fit.


It’s my last night here in Florida and I’ve got to say I’ve had the best time. Naples has really welcomed me back in a new exciting way. Now that I’m older and more skilled in photography it’s so much more enjoyable to be down here.


Let’s go to the beach…let’s go get away.

On Saturday, my first day in Florida, my uncle, aunt and I went to the Naples Zoo where I fed a giraffe, went on a boat tour to see some monkeys, and rode a camel. The next day we visited Marco Island beach club, where we lounged about as the waiters kindly served us drinks and food. That same night we drove my uncle to the airport and afterwards…  went to Ron Jons Surf Shop. My all time favorite Floridian beach style store. And yes, I bought stuff.

The weather couldn’t seem to decide whether to be sunny or cloudy with rain on Monday so we went shopping in the morning and spent the windy afternoon by the Fiddler’s Creek club pool. Luckily, the clouds gave way and the sunset was gorgeous. We ate dinner on a balcony overlooking the beach. I heard someone say to look for the green flash when the sun goes below the horizon and it made me think of Pirates of the Caribbean. Tuesday, we did some aerial yoga. The class was harder than the last time I did it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. We then took a short walk on Vanderbilt beach until we reached the Ritz Carlton where we had a buffet breakfast. The chocolate croissants were to die for, but I do think most chocolate is to die for. It was noticeably colder, for Florida at least, so we did some more shopping and then came back and relaxed in the lanai by the pool. I got great pictures of the sunset at the Naples Pier, the last beach sunset I’ll see for a while.

The last day we went consignment store shopping and spent the rest of the rest of the day by the pool. I fell asleep on the lounge chair, but thanks to Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Sunscreen, which smells like green tea, I didn’t burn! I also used Bed Head’s Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray to tame my hairs frizz from the humidity. Lastly for my spring break beauty routine I kept my face makeup very simple. I wore Almay’s Meet Your Squad eyeshadow palette in Less is More and Buxom’s Va-Va-Plump lipstick in Wine Me. It’s a mauve color which I love!

All in all my break was great, besides getting bronchitis while in Florida, but hey the warm weather was worth it!


I graduated from Endicott College with a B.S. in Marketing Communication and Advertising, with a minor in Photography. I am now attending Emerson College to attain my M.A. in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. I love fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, social media, and photography! 
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