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Kristen Bryant-Things I Keep In My Purse Flat Lays
Kristen Bryant-Things I Keep In My Purse Flat Lays
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What’s in my bag when I go out?

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  • Chapstick – Absolute must wherever I go! I love the Aquaphor chapstick as well as the Eos Vanilla!
  • Lip Gloss and Oil – I also love a good lip gloss! A girl’s gotta have her lip care! For brands, I am obsessed with the Elf Lip Oil as well as the Nyx fat lip Oil!
  • Phone Charger – Somehow my phone is always dying so I always bring a charger with me just in case!
  • Gum – I love a good fruity gum and sometimes I just need a good piece of gum! I very much love trident gum or extra mint gum! 
  • Mini Perfumes – I always need to smell good so I bring with me little travel perfumes; typically with a sweet scent like vanilla! 
  • Hand Sanitizer – This is actually a must because germs are a no-no! I love the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer; it smells so good and makes my skin feel so fresh! 
  • Headphones – I listen to music 24/7 so you best believe I will be bringing my airpods whenever I go out!
  • Eyeglass Cleaner – Now this must be a little silly but glasses girls will understand that sometimes throughout the day you just gotta clean your glasses at the most random times and places so I will always have a cleaner with me!
  • Deodorant – This is also a must as you can see I love little toiletries but for deodorant, I love anything Dove as well as Native!
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