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What I Am Wearing This Summer

We’re fully vaccinated, been staying inside for a year and a half, and ALMOST done with the dailly school grind. I feel like I’ve been dreaming of this summer especially what I’ll be wearing this summer for months. My pinterest boards, instagram saved, and tik tok likes have been perfectly curated THE vibe of summer 2021. Here are some few pieces that you’ll probably find all over OOTDs 

Mixing patterns with shirts and pants
Beaded colorful jewelry
Bermuda shorts
Linen pants
Patterned masks
Layered necklaces
Vintage sunglasses

This summer too much is never enough. I never want to order athleisure or work from home clothes ever again. Some brands I am ordering from are Madewell, Baggu, BaubleBar, and thirft stores as always. The energy in the air is like we’re about to start a roaring 20s or romantic era. (Of course once we are vaccinated though) Embrace this feeling and have fun with clothes this summer. 

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