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The BEST Trader Joes Diary-Free Meals and Snacks Everyone Needs in Their Life

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

Considering the fact that I’ve been dairy-free (DF) for now four years (about a year straight without dairy, if you decide to count my Lactaid pill era), I’ve needed to adapt my diet and overall food intake for the sake of my entire being. Trader Joes has made the biggest difference to enjoying DF meals that I actually enjoy and that are good for me too!

It’s not easy being dairy-free, but these meals and products have kept me sane when it comes to eating food.

1. Pasta Alla Vodka (only 3 ingredients!)

Using equal parts of Trader Joes Vegan Cream Cheese and any Tomato Sauce, mix with any pasta noodle (I recommend a fun shape to make you extra happy) and voila, you have the perfect creamy (but not actual dairy) pasta dish! Top with some salt, pepper, and minced parsley for a little flavor! :)

2. Mini Chocolate Ice Cream Cones

When I tell you Trader Joes has the BIGGEST chokehold on me, I wish I was kidding. These Mini Chocolate “Hold The Dairy” Ice Cream Cones are so cute and snack-worthy, I simply want to marry them. They are perfect after dinner, when you need to cool down, or just to hit the spot when needing something sweet! I love to surprise my bestie with these because they are the perfect thing to show up to a friend’s door with! Even people who can eat dairy LOVE these cones!

3. Mini Chicken Tacos

I love these and I wish I could say I didn’t eat them as often as I do… but alas, that would be a lie! These are cute, easy to make, and are so so yummy with added flavor like guacamole, taco sauce, etc. I actually ate them while writing this article!

4. Green Tea Lemonade

Do you get the green tea lemonade from Starbucks too often? Opt for this green tea lemonade switch which is less than the cost of ~one grande iced tea~. Pour it over ice and you’re ready to go! It’s the perfect amount of sweetness!

5. ABC Cookies

I truly don’t know what they put in these cookies but whatever it is…. they are so beyond addicting! Plus, they are shaped like ABCs and letters!! Try them out – you WON’T regret it! :)

6. Veggie Fried Rice

Another quick and easy meal! This frozen bag of yummies is great when you want a flavorful yet quick meal after a long day! There are plenty of variations as well, including vegetarian!

I definitely need to continue trying TJoes meals and snacks, so, if you have any recommendations please let me know!!


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