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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

Spring has sprung at the Nest, which means the gulls are out to play. There are so many things to do in our area, and since it is finally starting to warm up we have put together a list of must-do things that every Endicott student should see and do before they graduate:

  1. Every student must go to one dollar cone day at Captain Dusty’s. It is by far the best ice cream in the area, and not only is it a dollar but you can pick whatever size you want! Take a break from that summer diet and treat yourself! (It is also a great idea to walk there, it is a quick walk and a great chance to enjoy the weather with friends.)
  2. The next highly recommended thing that my roommate and I love to do is adventure around the area to new beaches, our personal favorites are Wingaersheek Beach, Singing Beach and Castle Rock. All are public beaches where you can pack a lunch and enjoy an afternoon with friends, bring a soccer ball or Frisbee!
  3. If you haven’t been to Crane’s Beach Castle, you should go see it! It is a beautiful Mansion on the water in Ipswich, MA. There is a small admissions fee but you can walk around the grounds, see inside of the mansion along with look at the breath-taking views. They have lawn games set up so that there is always something to do.
  4. Check out the Marblehead Neck! It is a quick trip that will get you off campus and seeing new area’s, if you go right before sunset that is when it is most beautiful.
  5. If you are looking for a Girl’s Night Out, Check out the Howling Wolf in Salem, MA! I highly recommend the nachos with chicken! It is a fun atmosphere that has incredible Mexican Food, along with a large selection on the menu! Once you’re done your meal and walk around the downtown this will be a great start to your Friday night!

The end of the semester will sneak up on us once we are back from spring break, stress levels will rise, and we need to remember to keep everything in perspective. These quick trips will allow us to remain level headed and have a little fun during this challenging time. Remember that a sense of adventure, fresh air and some great friends can lead to spontaneous memories that will last a lifetime.  

Just a girl who loves bread, exercise and traveling.