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Shows to Watch This Summer


Summer time is the best time, right? But, who doesn’t love a little down time. Here’s a quick list of must-watch shows for your summer. Whether it’s a day spent in bed, or a show a night with some friends, these should be your go-tos; they’re some of my favorites. The list may be a little all over the place, but hey, I’m trying to give you variety.



Jane the Virgin

Okay, this show is unique with it’s chaotic plot, but it is truly a great show. You can find the newest season (which is yet to be released) on the CW, and all four previous seasons are now on Netflix. This show will make you cry, laugh and believe in love. Jane the Virgin, is about a young, unexpecting mom (Jane) who struggles to find true love, write a successful book, and juggle her fun-side and her mom-side.  It’s hard not to fall into the telenovela trace with this thing on. I’m telling you, it’s worth your time.



Bates Motel

This creepy drama series is a must watch for anyone who loves a good scare, mystery or all-around weird show. You can find all 5 seasons on Netflix. The show, which is based on the movie Psycho, follows the life of mother, Norma, and her son, Norman Bates who run and own the Bates Motel. You quickly realize their relationship is odd, unhealthy and both go a little crazy. I loved the show from beginning to end.   




This show takes a unique spin on The Devil Wears Prada, and just about every other drama that focuses on female dilemmas. It’s one of those fun-to-watch shows. Younger can be found on TV Land or on the app (for those of us who like streaming) and the 5th season is coming out this June. Follow the life of a single mom who re-enters the workforce at the age of 40 and tries to pass as 26. She’s dating a younger man, working a fabulous job and partying all night long. The main character, Liza, is pretty much living the city-life dream.



Grey’s Anatomy

Okay, so I haven’t seen this show yet, but everyone who has, raves about it. I’ve started it, and so far, I definitely like it. Grey’s is one of those crazy shows that can get away with just about everything. I mean, come on, it’s been on for 14 seasons; that’s saying something. This show might just take up your whole summer, but why not give it a shot. Who knows, this show could help you discover your medical destiny.



Parks and Rec

This is a funny, feel good type of show. You’ll quickly fall in love with the characters and their crazy lives. It’s an odd plot, I know, but believe me, you would never expect a parks and recreation department to be so entertaining. You can watch all 7 seasons on Netflix.



The Handmaid’s Tale

This is a drama for sure, but it’s a truly incredible plot. It’s based on the novel written by Margaret Atwood and takes place in a totalitarian society. Women have become a form of property of the state due to the plummeting birth rate. Fertile women become “handmaid’s” and are forced to work for couples who can no longer conceive. It’s pretty crazy. This is a newer show, the second season is currently coming out now, and it can be found on Hulu.


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