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Ranking Taylor Swift’s 1989 “From The Vault” Tracks

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As a Swiftie, the release of Taylor Swift’s (Taylor’s Version) re-recordings have kept me on the edge of my seat, particularly for the set of new “From The Vault” songs she releases with each re-recording. Here’s my ranking of the 5 new Swift songs we received with 1989 (Taylor’s Version).

5. “say don’t go”

As painful as it is to put any Taylor Song in ‘last place’, the chorus of “Say Don’t Go” was not my favorite. I absolutely adore the build up of the verses. The contrast of saddened lyrics with the upbeat music threw me off in some ways, but intrigued me in others.

4. “suburban legends”

I cannot wait to be blasting this song in the car, driving around, and screaming the lyrics with my friends. It did not stand out to me as much as the others on my initial first listen, but I can tell it will definitely grow on me.

3. “now that we don’t talk”

Mastermind; both in the sense of Swift being an absolute mastermind, but also in the sense that this song heavily reminds me of “Mastermind ” off Midnights. I always love songs that isolate Swift’s vocals a bit more.

2. “SL*T!”

I had an early train the morning of 1989 (TV)‘s release, so I wasn’t able to listen until a little later in the day. This song played in my uber to the train station and I thought there was no way it would not become my favorite vault track (Miss Swift continually proves me wrong with how many hits she can drop at once). Needless to say, this was an immediate love at first listen. The rhythm of this song is addictive and the overarching message of giving up on people pleasing and accepting to do things for yourself really resonated with me.

1. “is it over now?”

Not even 5 seconds into this song, I gasped. On the day of the release, I had listened to this song several times over, dissecting every lyric. This song is so beautiful and the mass of speculated Harry Styles references had me floored. Do not underestimate my ability to get this song on my Spotify Wrapped this year…

Katherine Black

Endicott '27

Katherine is a communication student who loves poetry and music.