My Top Four Songs By The Weeknd

One of my favorite artists would definitely include The Weeknd. His songs as well as his artistic talents really speak to me. I’ve included four of my favorite songs from The Weeknd in case you’re looking for something new to listen to!


  1. 1. In Your Eyes

    “In Your Eyes” is from The Weeknd’s newest album called After Hours. I like this song because it has a relaxing yet upbeat tone as well as deep lyrics. I feel like I can listen to this song while working out or driving around with my friends. I like that The Weeknd expresses his feelings about toxic relationships through the beat and lyrics in “In Your Eyes”. The lyrics suggest that the Weeknd, or the speaker, has been tricked by their partner because they were blinded by love. It’s like the song is describing a partner who hid their feelings and sorrow from the rest of the world in a destructive manner. 

  2. 2. True Colors

    “True Colors” is from The Weeknd’s album called Starboy. It definitely wasn’t popular on the radio when Starboy came out, but in my opinion, it is one of The Weeknd’s strongest songs. The vibe is curious and upbeat which makes it great to listen to while hanging with friends or doing homework. This song is definitely more about exploring a new relationship with someone instead of heartbreak. However, the lyrics also suggest a sense of fear of letting someone in before learning about their “True Colors”. 

  3. 3. Party Monster

    “Party Monster” is also from Starboy. I love this song because it’s very upbeat. Due to its upbeat tune, I enjoy listening to it when I work out. I feel like "Party Monster" doesn’t have a deeper meaning like most of The Weeknd’s songs, it’s just a great lyrical song to jam out to. 


  4. 4. Over Now

    “Over Now”, featuring The Weeknd and Calvin Harris, has to be in my top four favorite songs because I literally play it on repeat. I like the message that "Over Now" is trying to convey: that something can be over between two people yet at the same time linger on behind the scenes. Unlike in his song “In Your Eyes”, the Weeknd is making it clear in this song that the relationship is “over” and won’t be an on and off thing. I feel like a lot of songs promote the dynamics of on and off again relationships, so I like the alternative perspective that "Over Now" conveys to the listener.