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Last week, I finally got the opportunity to leave Endicott’s campus and travel to Lynch park in Beverly, Massachusetts. If you are looking for a peaceful spot to do some homework, a beach to relax on, or a fantastic environment to go for an outdoor walk, Lynch Park is the place to go. There are two beaches, a beautiful grass area, a children’s water spout (it was not exactly a waterpark) area, a concession stand if you get hungry, and I heard that sometimes the park has live entertainment. In addition, the park has a garden that I am sure will be absolutely gorgeous once in full bloom. Lynch Beach is one of two fantastic beaches located at Lynch Park in Beverly, and I got a chance to walk along the water. The best part about my experience is that I did not spend a dollar! Parking is free for residents with proof of residency, but luckily, this charge is only enforced during the summer season. 

This park is also a perfect spot for all the photo content you may be looking for! Whether you are searching for the perfect background for a potential Instagram post, or wanting to get some beautiful shots of nature, Lynch Park can offer you this opportunity. With the scenic views and historic architecture, not a single spot in the park lacked attraction. As a nature lover myself, I cannot recommend this park more. I’ll be sure to visit Lynch Park more often next year, as then I will have my car and can get there myself. Until then!

Sophia Lonnroth

Endicott '26

Hi! I'm Sophia Lonnroth, a freshman psychology major, and I am the current Deputy Editor for HC at Endicott College! I hope you enjoy my written work!! :)