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To all my makeup fanatics out there, one, I’m sorry, and two, I need your help! To be honest, I’ve never really been a makeup person. In fact, I only wore mascara to prom. I just never had the time or the desire to learn how to do makeup. Now, I’m completely overwhelmed by lack of knowledge about all of the basic makeup skills. Now it is time to make a change! Here is my list of basic makeup items I hope to acquire within the next couple of months in order to glow like the makeup queens I see on TikTok. If you have any brand ideas, please suggest them to me!

1. Primer

If you read my skincare article I wrote last fall, you know I live with a skin care goddess who has made my skin look incredible. I simply cannot let her down by damaging my face with makeup, so primer is the first thing on my list.

2. Contour Stick

This is really on my list more out of curiosity and less out of necessity. I am dying to know what I would look like with a new face shape. Also, I think it will help me level-up my basic foundation and concealer look into something more mature and professional.

3. Angled Brush

From my limited knowledge of contour, I think in order to make my cheek bones look like razor blades, I have to blend my contour with an angled brush. I believe one TikTok I saw told me this, so the angled brush makes the list.

4. Eyeliner Stamp

I also saw this on TikTok. I have no idea what I would look like with winged eyeliner, but one thing I do know is that I will never be able to put eyeliner on by myself. An eyeliner stamp literally stamps the wing on for you, and if you drag the stamp down, you have an instant eyeliner wing. It seems genius and is genius, especially if you’re a makeup newbie like me.

5. Eye Shadow

This is probably the most embarrassing item on my list. I don’t know how to do eyeshadow. I don’t understand the crease and the lid, or what colors go where to make my eyes look a different size. I need a good pallet that isn’t just four shades from CVS and a good tutorial so I can finally learn the powers of eyeshadow.

6. Lip Liner and Lipstick Set

Finally, the last thing on my list is a lip liner and lipstick set. I’m not good at using lipstick, as I always overdo it, so I’m hoping that the lip liner will act as a coloring book and force me to “stay inside the lines” when applying my lipstick so to speak. Also, I want them as a set because I’m too lazy to try to find a lip liner that matches a lipstick separately. (See why I’ve never bothered with make up before? I’m so lazy!)

I hope you enjoyed reading what’s on my makeup wishlist. If you have any recommendations, feel free to reach out to me with them. I will greatly appreciate it.



Jillian Paccico

Endicott '24

Hi my name is Jillian Paccico and I am a nursing student at Endicott College! I love to hang out with my friends, win my dog's affection with treats and belly rubs, and eat anything that doesn't require utensils. (Nachos are my personal favorite.) You can find me on Instagram @jpaccico_4