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Almost Famous, directed by Cameron Crowe.

Almost Famous is about a teenage boy William who wants to become a journalist covering rock music in 1973. But no one takes him seriously at school or professionally because he looks young for his age. Along with that, he has a very strict mother, who hates rock and roll music. William goes to a rock concert where this up and coming band called Stillwater is playing a concert near him.  I love this movie because it has a good soundtrack and the comedic timing is great. It is a great mix of comedy and little splash of drama.

Brooklyn, directed by John Crowley

Brooklyn is about an Irish immigrant named Ellis, who travels to Brooklyn, New York in the 1950’s. She falls in love with Italian American plumber named Tony. They meet at a dance. Ellis lives in a boarding house with a bunch of other women. I love this movie because it is a really romantic and cute movie.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, directed by Quentien Tarantino

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood tells a story about an actor Rick Dalton and his friend who is stunt double Cliff Booth in 1969. The two main characters are fictional and are not based on a real story, but some of the other characters are based around the Charles Manson murders. This movie is greatbecause it is action packed and really funny. Also Leonardo Dicaprio is in this movie, and who cant resist his charms.

Les Miserables, directed by Tom Hooper

Les Miserables is set in 19th century france where Jean Valjean, an ex prisoner has been released from 19 years of imprisonment. This movie follows the main character and many loved characters such as Fantine, Eponine, Marius, and more. What I like about this movie is that it has classic songs and its dramatics. Growing up with theater and seeing my high school's production of Les Miserables, I loved watching the show and its very special to me. I recommend the show more than the movie, but the movie is fun to watch too. 

My name is Carolyn Crimmins I was raised in Westford, MA. I am currently studying Digital Media at Endicott College in Beverly MA. I am passionate about art
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