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Meet Endicott’s New SGA President: Molly Hyman

This past year every club event or activity you’ve attended, Molly Hyman has been behind it. She is the Vice President of Finance for the Student Government Association under the current president, Sabrina Moul. But next year she is taking on that position of President of the Student Government Association. Right now, Molly is the perfect person on campus. Since her sophomore year she has worked with students through SGA, and has participated in or had some part in almost every club on campus. She knows who the student body is and what they want.  I talked to Molly about her favorite things about and around campus, as well as her past and future with SGA. 

How did you get involved in student government?

“My spring semester of freshman year, I got an email and it said sign up to be a part of student government. Before that email, student government was not on a radar, but I was looking for something to make me feel like I belong here. So I was like, this could be it. It was only for the e board position, so I was like for sure, trying to be involved as a freshman. I thought at first it was just vice president of my class, but then I found out it was vice president for the entire school. But I still was like we are going to do it! So I applied and the student body voted. There was a tie, but then I got the position.” 

Did you do student government in high school? 

“No, but I did in middle school, like student council. I just knew I wanted to be involved here and I didn’t know where to start. But, this opportunity was right in front of me, and it felt like a sign like do it and see what comes from it. Thankfully it all worked out.” 

Do you remember the first meeting you went to? 

“Yes, there was a meeting with Molly Buckly, Brianne McGann, and Will Connolly who was president at the time. I remember sitting there and I was like woah, what did I get myself into because it was exciting and super cool. I can do great things in this position.” 

So now that you have this new position, what are your goals as SGA president? 

“When it comes to tangible things, I want to wait and see what students bring to me. But as president, the community I want to build up even more is creating a connection and kindness that everyone feels on campus.There should be the feeling of everyone having fun enjoying each other that happens during events like BINGO nights all the time. Also, I want SGA specifically to be inclusive and open, where people feel comfortable coming to us and our meetings, since they are open to the public.” 

Favorite place to get a bagel and coffee on the weekends?

“ The Bagel Shop, the one in Beverly Farms, because then I drive Singing Beach in the morning too.” 

Favorite class you have ever taken at Endicott? 

“As a hospitality major, the culinary and service class is just such a good experience to have”

Favorite place to study or sit and hang out on campus?

“I love peace rock. Also since they’ve built the new part of the wax those study chairs that face the windows are great too” 

Favorite Endicott tradition? 

“Bingo at the fieldhouse for sure, and the regatta too” 

What’s the weirdest or funniest thing you’ve seen on campus?

My freshman year the Patriots and the Red Sox won. After the Pats won, a mob of freshmen ran from the building to the lakes, and it was just crazy.” 

Acceptance students day is this weekend, so what is your advice to new gulls? 

“You never know where you are going to find purpose, or that connection being here. So just try things out of your comfort zone, and take chances.”

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