Lessons You Learn in High School and Can Apply to College

The transition from high school to college is a tough one for many. Here are several tips that I have discovered to help surround myself with good people and help clear my head. 

  1. 1. Don’t Care About What People Think

    If someone doesn’t like you for you, they aren’t worth your time. Don't waste your time altering your own self to please others, if they don't want you at your worst they dont deserve you at your best! 

  2. 2. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

    Don’t be afraid to try new things and jump out of your comfort zone, that's what college is for! For example, joining a new club or trying a sport you've never been apart of. You never know where you may find a new passion, or meet some interesting people.

  3. 3. Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

    It's totally okay to keep your true friends from high school, but don't be afraid to make new friends too! Understand when to recognize an unhealthy friendship, as both friends putting in equal work to make your friendship successfull is a must. Knowing when to give up on a friendship is okay, people grow apart it just happens sometimes. 

  4. 4. Do What YOU Want, Not What Others Want

    Do what you want in every aspect fo your life, because it’s truly your life and what you make of it! When you leave high school mnay of those people you had class with won't be a part of your life anymore. College gives you the freedom to be YOU in any way you wish!

  5. 5. Don’t Feel Pressured to Do Anything You Don’t Want to Do

    It's okay to say no. If those people around you are truly your friends they will support your decision. You can still have fun without doing things “everyone” is doing. There are many myths about college that "everyone" is doing this or that, truth is, they're just trying to make it along just like you. 

  6. 6. Have Fun!

    Life is so short, and college is just one aspect of it, so don't take life to seriously and enjoy your time here! Sourround yourself with good people, fun adventures, and awesome experiences and I can promise you will be living to the fullest!