Independent Spirit Awards & The Oscars

When I was a kid the Oscars to me was the award show that introduced me to artistic and beautiful films. While the nominees are still beautiful and artistic in their own right, my Oscars used to be searching for theaters that were playing the nominees for best picture. But now thats not the case, you have the films that are making the most money and have the most critics buzz nominated. If you are like me and are looking for an award show that is actually diverse and will appreciate the real art of films look no further than the Independent Spirit Awards.


What first was drew me to Film Independent's show was the fact that the two past years John Mulaney and Nick Kroll hosted. Their comedy duo, which has made Oh Hello and Big Mouth, brings the comedy of politics and film perfectly together. Their past monologues are on Youtube and I highly recommend for a good laugh. This year’s host was Aubrey Plaza, who carried the torch of this being one of the most genuinely funny awards shows.  


She had a hilarious prerecorded cold open talking about women in film while at the same paying homage to the original artists of independent films. From Plaza to all the speeches, no one was afraid to leave any social justice issue not talked about. Bo Burnham, who finally got his award for Eighth Grade, talked about how he isn't ashamed to make smart content for teenagers. Boots Riley talked about how nothing should be edited out of films because it makes people uncomfortable, especially class struggle.


But not only were people talking about making action, there was actually moves in the right direction for equality in the entertainment industry. 60% of the best director nominees were women. Most of the winners of the afternoon, unlike the Oscars, were not white .


There were moments during the Oscars were I thought the Academy was making the change to recognize more than just the top white male percent of filmmakers. But obviously with the win for Green Book, that is not the case.


If Beale Street Could Talk won Best Director and Best Feature. Ethan Hawke was Best Actor. Won’t You Be My Neighbor won Best Documentary. Everything the the Oscars should have done, The Independent Spirit Awards already did the day before.


This is the link to their Youtube channel were they post the majority of their show (please if anything just check it out to watch Shangela’s hirarious performance from the show):


What the Independent Spirit Awards and I want you to take away the most is just to: Support Independent Films and Filmmakers!