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I’m Glad I Grew Up With Girls: An Analysis of “Little Women” (2019)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

One after the other, my siblings and I were born within the span of six minutes of each other. Since that fated Tuesday, our roles have been set – Sam, the responsible spitfire eldest; Abbey, the wise dreamer middle; and me, the friendly people-person youngest. I have never known anything different and for our whole lives, we were “the triplets”. When we were kids, my parents kept us separate, pushing us to embrace our individuality. We were able to find our little niches in the world – Sam in science and horseback riding, Abbey with theater and music, and me with soccer and journalism.

In modern media, I’ve found that certain portrayals of sisterhood are better than others. Sisters fight and argue, get jealous and angry, steal eachothers clothes, offer an apology with a McDonald’s run, but most of all love each other unconditionally. I specifically think of the 2019 film adaptation of the classic novel “Little Women”, a novel Sam loves. She was constantly poking me to watch it and eventually roped Abbey in too. We all adored it and agreed the portrayal of sisterhood was pretty spot on. Beside, Timothee Chalamet was Laurie so how could we resist?

I see Sam in Jo’s intellect who wishes her sisters could always stay together. I see Sam chastising me for my want to always follow behind her. I see Sam in her desperate desire to be an acclaimed writer who intends to make her own way in the world.

I see Abbey in Beth’s quiet tinkling on the piano. I see Abbey in Beth and Jo’s talk on the beach. I see Abbey in Beth’s devotion to keep everyone together and happy. I see Abbey in Beth’s acceptance that life isn’t always fair but life is life and should be celebrated.

I see myself in Amy feeling invisible in the shadow of her sisters. I see myself in Amy wanting to be great or nothing. I see myself in Amy, pining for years to be loved. I see myself in Amy, getting her happy ending.

“Life is too short to be angry at ones sisters” – Jo March, “Little Women”

Lucy Kratman

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