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I Went to a Yungblud Concert This Summer and Here are My Thoughts!

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In case you don’t know, Dominic Harrison, or Yungblud, is a British singer and songwriter. He caters to a younger audience, his songs express the challenges of being young, in love, being different than everyone else. Since Yungblud is pansexual, he offers a unique perspective regarding these specific challenges. While this may have been his targeted audience at first, The Black Hearts Club, which is the official fandom name, has grown to include kids, young adults, and even some parents. 

I had the opportunity to go to his concert this summer and it was an incredible experience. I went to his show at the MGM Music Hall in Boston on July 16th with one of my good friends. I’d been looking forward to this concert for a while and I was so excited because I recently discovered Yungblud and I absolutely love his music. Dom’s music basically got me through freshman year of college so it meant a lot to me that I would be seeing him live. I also had been seeing videos from his other shows on the tour and this only made me more excited to see the show. 

Before Yungblud came on stage for his set, there were two opening acts called The Games We Play and The Regrettes. I had not heard of either of these bands so I can only give my first impression of their sets. I think they were both good openers; they had energy, the songs were catchy, and both bands engaged with the audience. To be honest I was a little disappointed that there were two opening acts. I would’ve preferred Yungblud to have more time on stage. 

Finally, at 9:30 Yungblud came out! He had so much energy; he was jumping up and down a lot, running back and forth from one side of the stage to the other, dancing and he singing at the top of his lungs. At one point he even came off the stage and went into the crowd of people on the floor! The show was insane! He asked the audience to scream as loud as they could so I did my fair share of yelling. He even asked who wanted to come up on stage with him and pick the next song he was going to sing! I jumped up and down, waved my arms around, yelled, pointed, everything but I was not chosen. But, this did not ruin my experience. I had a blast! He had a variety of songs from his albums on the set list so it wasn’t all just his new or older stuff which I enjoyed because I prefer hearing songs from different albums. He even played one of his newest songs as part of his encore! I think that Yungblud puts on a great show because of his energy. You can tell that he loves performing. He actually injured his knee the night before and he still played the show the next night! His doctor was in the crowd and he gave him a shoutout for fixing him up before the concert. It’s things like this that make his concerts so unique and entertaining. By the end of the night I couldn’t talk and I had lost my voice! That is how crazy this show was. I had such a good time and I will definitely be getting tickets the next time he’s in Boston. 

Here is the setlist:

  1. 21st Century Liability
  2. The Funeral 
  3. Tissues
  4. Parents 
  5. California 
  6. Strawberry Lipstick
  7. Fleabag
  8. Die For The Hype (fan choice over Doctor Doctor)
  9. Anarchist
  10. Polygraph Eyes
  11. Sweet Heroine 
  12. I Think I’m OKAY (Machine Gun Kelly cover)


  1. Lowlife
  2. Loner