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How to Survive Spring Break with HC’s Help

Spring Break is less than a week away! HC has amazingly provided you with the spring break essentials that you will need to survive the week and then the school weeks to follow. 

1. First off, if you’re as pastey as I am, you will need the L’OREAL tanning wipes in order to get alittle foundation color before you have fun in the sun! Nobody wants to walk out on the beach looking like a ghost, so definitely check out this product. While you’re on the beach you’ll need a little dry shampoo in order to make a quick transformation from the beach to the bar, you can do this quick and easy with Pssst! I use it when I’m in a hurry to go to class, and it works wonders. 

2.  Before flying out to your tropical destination write down your itinerary and other plans with these incredibly cute agenda books, they come with custom markers along with stickers. Once you are back to school use it to schedule the rest of your semester leaving you ready to earn those A’s you have worked so hard for! 

3. While on the beach you can enjoy your lemonade in a sparkly Juicy Couture cup! Style the night with an amazing Juicy accessory and then come back with confidence after reading #ActuallySheCan. These essentials will make your spring break as memorable as possible! 


So load up on sunscreen, put on your amazing sunglasses and enjoy the flight, because sweetie you are in for the time of your life! 

Big thank you to Parker Fish Photography for the amazing shots! 

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