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How To Stay In Touch With Your College Friends Over The Summer

How To Stay In Touch With Your College Friends Over The Summer



I’m beginning to pack up all my things, taking down photos off my wall that I’ve gathered throughout this year, and I can’t help but feel tremensely sad that I’m leaving my college friends. Don’t get me wrong I am very excited to come home to my family and high school buddies that I’ve been missing for a long time, but it’s still going to hit me hard when I leave. My friends here have become a second family to me. We eat every meal together, do homework together, party together, laugh together, cry together, keep up with our favorite shows in the common room, shower at the same time, and basically everything else. I mean we are ALWAYS together. In a few years I’m not going to be able to remember how I lived without them. I love being able to walk across the hall and see my best friend whenever I want. So when your missing your roommates and your bffs here are some tips for coping.



Visit each others hometowns

My friends and I have been talking about this pretty much all year. We are constantly talking about or referencing places in our hometowns, our families, and friends. We are always left painting a picture in our minds of what we think our friends life is like back home. So why not invite your friends to come see where you grew up and all your favorite spots. My best friend here, Liv, always talks about how similar our friends and family  sound to each other and we talk about how much fun it would be to have everyone meet. It’s nice to invite someone to see the other half of you that you can’t show them at school.



Plan a weekend get away or a vacation if you’re feeling fancy

If you want to get a little wild, and do more than just show your best your hometown then you can plan something fun. Last summer all my friends went to the Cape for a week and it was probably the best and wildest week ever. It’s a great bonding experience and overall fun time because you can relax and forget about all the stresses of school and work. I know my friends and I talk about going to Canada sometimes or even just North Conway, so get creative and go where you feel like you’ll have the most fun.



Send postcards, letters, or packages

If you like to kick-it old school, or you’re a hopeless romantic this might be the thing for you. Personally, I love writing letters and cute notes for people because I find it fun and sweet. Sometimes my friends and I leave notes in each others room or slip letters under the door to say hi or good luck on tests (or maybe we’re super bored). Sometimes it’s actually very relaxing to write a letter, I would say it’s a form of self-care journaling almost. Either way your bestie will love the little surprise.  



Facetime dates

I am thankful that we live in a time where it is so easy to connect with friends and family through technology and social media. I’m sure you already have your bestie on instagram, snapchat, vsco, and whatever else so you can always follow them through their summer journey’s that way. But if you want to see their face, hear their voice, then facetime dates are always a good go to. If you’re missing meals with them then cook up some grilled chicken and mix a little salad then call them up.



Dorm shopping

I know my future roomie and I have already talked about going dorm room shopping so that we can match all of our stuff and make the room chic and cozy. Even if you aren’t rooming together it can be fun to just get ready for going back to college together. It’ll be a good chance to catch up and get creative with shopping.

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