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How My Dunkin Order Changes With Every Season

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

My Dunkin order is not something I take lightly. Mastering a perfect order takes time, and I have found that with every season, my order changes. Every season has a different aesthetic that my food and drink must match, causing my order to change four times throughout the year. Here is how it changes. 

Since we are currently in the fall season I will start with my fall order:

  • Large Pumpkin Iced Chai Latte 
  • Glazed Pumpkin stick
  • Glazed Donut
  • Orange Spider Donut

Since I am not a coffee drinker, my favorite drink to get at Dunkin is chai tea. I love a good chai latte, but to spice it up for the fall season, I order it with pumpkin flavoring, which adds to the flavor and comfort of the drink for the fall season. For the food, I am once again all about pumpkin. Any pumpkin pastry you put in front of me, will be devoured. However, depending on my mood, regular glazed donuts also fit the fall vibe. I can’t explain why, but they do. Finally, I had to mention another possible donut option: the orange frosted donut with a chocolate munchkin in the middle. Something about that donut gives me life, and whenever I get it, I have to fight off the urge to take a picture because it is so cute!

Winter Order:

  • Large Iced Latte 2x shot of vanilla
  • Frozen vanilla bean coolatta 
  • Hot Cocoa 
  • Vanilla frosted or strawberry frosted donut
  • Hash Browns

For the winter season, I am rocking with a chai latte again, but instead of adding pumpkin, I add vanilla flavoring. I think that vanilla flavoring fits the winter vibe again, and it’s so yummy! In addition to this, depending on my mood, I also order a frozen bean coolatta. This coolatta is so good; something about drinking a cold drink in the winter makes me so happy. Some might say that drinking a cold glass in the winter is silly, but I also enjoy hot cocoa if I feel like a hot drink. Hot cocoa is explicitly reserved for right near Christmas time, and it’s so comforting since I always had it as a kid. Finally, besides these drinks, I have to get a donut, and I feel like vanilla and strawberry frosted donuts fit winter so well. Eventually, to go along with a donut to warm myself up, I also love a good order of hashbrowns, which slay every time!

Spring Order:

  • Strawberry dragon fruit refresher with almond milk
  • Chocolate frosted donut

I started ordering fruity drinks for spring since they fit the aesthetic but also prepared me for summer. My spring order and summer order are not too different, but since it is not as hot in the spring compared to summer, I like to change up the flavor of my refreshers by adding milk; typically, I go for almond milk or oat milk, which are both so delicious. And then, to go with the drink, I go for a classic chocolate frosted donut, which has been my favorite donut since the beginning.

Summer order:

  • Mango coolatta
  • Strawberry dragon fruit refresher with sweet syrup
  • Chocolate frosted donut
  • Bagel bites

And finally, we have my summer order, which I love because it fits the season so well. For the summer, the coolattas are brilliant for having a fun, fruity drink that allows you to cool down. For the flavor, I enjoy many of them. However, my absolute favorite is the mango pineapple coolatta, which is very on-brand for me since mango is my favorite fruit. If I am not in the mood for a coolatta, I also rock with a regular strawberry dragon fruit refresher. Something about this refresher is perfect, and the hot take is better than anything Starbucks can produce. And the last part of my order is once again a classic chocolate frosted donut, which you cannot go wrong with, or if I’m feeling like a bagel, which I will say is a rare occasion, I will be eating up some bagel bites because those are also so good!

Ella Rogerson

Endicott '27

Just a freshman communications major who wants to write about fun girl things🕺