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How I Went to NYFW Without Actually Being in New York

These past seven days have been glorious to anyone who slightly pays attention to the fashion industry or reads Vogue daily because it was New York Fashion Week. As a New Yorker who commuted into the city, I used to love this week because once in a while you would run into a Marc Jacobs fashion show or just see beautiful people rocking beautiful street style.


But, this year I was in Massachusetts, and had to pay even more attention to my sources that I look towards during fashion week.


The biggest gift to going to NYFW without being in New York is Instagram stories, and these three accounts were on their game this year:



First, was the online fashion magazine, @manrepeller


Everyday they had a different member of their team take over their instagram and take them through their day. Even though, pretty much whoever from Man Repeller was at a certain show was posting from it. It was a group of women working together to get NYFW to the masses. There wasn’t only videos and photos, but they shared what they thought and the many details of behind the scenes. I love the MR team and trust anything they do, especially their fashion week articles.



Then there was @lpeopleswanger, aka Lindsay Peoples Wanger, the editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue.


As editor-in-chief of the magazine I’ve been probably reading the longest and she has done more than enough for me, but she gives so much during fashion week with her top 5 NYFW stories. For every show, she counts down her favorite looks, and with her style is obviously the most beautiful and cool.



Finally, Aimee Song is a youtuber that I discovered over winter break.


Aimee Song always vlogs through fashion week, and watching the videos is basically like getting an inside look into an everyday life of fashion week. The behind the scenes is so good that it's hard to focus on the shows that she goes to. But fashion wise the best part of her vlogs is watching her dress for each event, overall just watching her process of picking out an outfit is so glamorous while also being super relatable. If you do not want to live Aimee’s life after watching her fashion week vlogs then you are definitely lying to yourself.


So, through these women is how I watch New York Fashion Week without being in New York, and I can not thank them enough for taking their audience through it!


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