Five Lessons We’ve Learned From Danielle Carolan’s Vlogs

There is nothing that gives us more girl boss envy than Danielle Carolan’s vlogs. Danielle is a youtuber, podcaster, and on top of all that a student at the University of Georgia. She vlogs her days as well as makes sit down videos talking about everything from her monthly favorites to how she spends her money as a college student. Her podcast is called Gals on the Go, and that is truly was she is and she does it so flawlessly. Whenever one of us is feeling unmotivated or just need a pick me up in a mid day slump we will usually turn on a Danielle vlog because something about her vibe makes us want to be a gal on the go as well. 

Here are five lessons that we have picked up from watching her vlogs:


  1. 1. Getting up earlier to have a chill morning can put you in the best mood

  2. 2. Living with your best friend can work out, and is actually super fun

  3. 3. Having cute friend dates are the best self care

  4. 4. Put yourself first by doing this that make you happy like online shopping, getting a coffee, or doing an exercise class

  5. 5. Always keep yourself busy so you don’t have time to stress