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Finding Belonging

Freshmen year of college was not a particularly great time for me. Amidst the typical difficulties of transitioning, my mental and physical health took a serious toll and I questioned whether or not I belonged here. When Endicott’s campus had yet to feel like home, ECHO A Cappella gave me the family I needed.

I’ve been singing since 2nd grade and thus involved myself in any productions involving music that my high school put on. I had no intention of participating in any extracurricular during my first semester of college, then I found ECHO’s Facebook page and somehow signed myself up for an audition.

Flash forward to my first rehearsal, I walked into a room full of the most welcoming and friendly people I had ever met. For the first time in my college experience, I was greeted by people who saw my value, cared about my day, and wanted to spend time with me. While I felt like a waste of space on campus, I felt like I had a place in ECHO.

ECHO A Cappella meets twice and week and performs on campus but also for some offsite community services such as nursing homes and events involving Relay for Life. While performing is what shows our talents, what drives ECHO for me is that everyone matters. All members are held accountable for the attitude they bring to every rehearsal and performance. While our numbers have grown, everyone has a voice to be heard. Our group relies on collaboration, feedback, and a welcoming environment to grow and succeed. I would not be at Endicott without ECHO; we have all grown and struggled together, which is just as rewarding as any performance.

I tend to use a lot of cliches, analogies, and other sappy things.
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