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Imagine your ideal fall day. Is it sunny in September? Is it cold in October? Is it colorful and bright or rainy and dark? Are you cozy in front of a fireplace, or feeling the chilling breeze on your skin as you walk across your college campus? 

No matter what fall mood you’re in, I have a Spotify playlist for you.


Are you ready to curl up with a good book and some warm apple cider? I’ve curated a playlist with songs that give you that fuzzy autumn feeling.

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Are you hurriedly walking across campus through puddles filled with leaves? Is it a little bit darker outside than usual? Here’s some songs for your perfect rainy autumn day. (And don’t worry, all songs will be replaced with Taylor’s Version as soon as they come out!)

SAD girl autumn

We’ve all had those days. Let’s face it — as beautiful as fall is, it can still feel gloomy. This playlist is for that seasonal gutpunch.

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Bad*ss Babe Season

Put on your favorite fit and get ready to show off, ’cause it’s time for you to feel your absolute hottest. Whether it’s Halloween or simply a casual outing, this playlist is the confidence booster you need.

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Spooky Season

And of course, how could I forget about Halloween? Here’s the most haunted tunes for your Halloween horrors.

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Fall essentials

Last but not least, here’s a playlist for your overall fall vibes.

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Have a spectacular autumn, and happy listening!

Mary Couvee

Endicott '26

Hi! My name is Mary (she/her) and I'm a performing arts musical theater major at Endicott College! I'm a Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers enthusiast, and a big fan of binge watching. Thanks for checking out my page! xoxo