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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

Last weekend was weekend number one of Coachella, but you probably already knew that. With Coachella comes a multitude of companies that sponsor and send celebrities, important Instagram and YouTube influencers to participate in the festivities. One of the most popular, as of last year’s Coachella, is Dote Shopping who now annually sends a group of young female YouTubers to Coachella.


These girls include girls like Emma Chamberlain, Summer McKeen, and others who make vlogs as well and beauty and lifestyle videos. The other partner is Dote Shopping, an app that is most popular for sending these girls aged 15 to 19 years old on exclusive trips to promote their brand on Instagram and YouTube. Dote Shopping is actually an app where you can shop right off of these girls on any Dote influencer’s Instagram.



The trips Dote has sent their influencers on have included: Fiji, Texas, and most famously Coachella. The girls all stay at one house together where freebies are always supplied. At Coachella, from the vlogs of last year, complementary outfits, makeup artists, and hair stylists were provided to the girls to help create the best Instagram photos. So it’s basically your dream vacation!


A common goal for anyone in high school or middle school who watches these girls is to become a Dote Girl. Being a Victoria Secret Angel is one thing, but being a Dote Girl means free tips, clothes, and a bunch of friends for an artsy Instagram or YouTube video. I know I get a little FOMO just scrolling through Instagram especially this time of year when a group of girls your age is living their best lives whether in the desert, on an island, or just in a beautiful big mansion.

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