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Colleen Hoover Books Rated by a True Romantic

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

This is the all-you-need-to-know-before-you-start-reading-guide on Colleen Hoover’s books…or as I like to call her, “C Hoov” (Has anyone ever called her this? I would like to officially coin the nickname here). Also, this rating article will not spoil any plots to books. This article is just my quick thoughts on if I enjoyed the book, if I would recommend it, what I rate it overall, and why I thought that! Mind you, I am no book expert (especially as I am still reading some of her classics) I just wanted to share some thoughts and whatnot.

It ends with us (the classic starter book)

Overall, I’d rate this one a 8.8/10 as I very much enjoyed it but I will say some big curveballs threw me for a loop. Since this was the first book by Hoover that I read, it was a fantastic way to start out but definitely an abrupt one, as it quickly introduced me to her writing style and descriptive and…um… graphic language (iykyk). After reading more of her books, it was hard for It Ends With Us to stay in the number one spot, as more developed storylines beat out this one. Nevertheless, if you are intrigued as to why she has so many dedicated fans, I highly recommend this book! Plus…this book is necessary to read to understand the next book on my list. *Also — trigger warning, Colleen addresses s*xual as*ault in this book, which can be a really difficult topic and aspect to incorporate, especially with such detail, but it is written very maturely and eloquently.

It Starts with us (the Sequal to It ends with us)

Easily, this book is a 9.5/10 in my humble opinion. I really enjoyed reading the progression to the character development and seeing Hoover’s continuation to her best selling book listed above. I particularly liked the perspectives in this one, as it bounced back between the two protagonists, making me extra engaged and interested to see both sides of the story. I really think this set Hoover up for success and helped add a variety of extra added spice which I very much so appreciated. I would most definitely highly recommend this one, and it’s worth it to read both books back to back!


Yes. Just yes. I could not put this book down for the life of me! Absolutely 10/10. Flawless. Iconic. Astounding. Well-rounded. Yes!!! This book is still at the top of my pyramid after all this time. I am so glad Hoover wrote this twisted story and recommend it to everyone who likes reading or wants to be intrigued by a book like no other! I really don’t have any complaints, I just remember being glued to every single page. I would 100% recommend and honestly might read it again! I will add it is a little scary at points (so if you like the thrill, you will love this!)

Without Merit

Hmm, this book was unfortunately not one of my favorites…but that’s just my opinion. I had a hard time wanting to finish this book because it was so drastically different from her other books. The plot had so much potential in my opinion, but it was not fully reached. I wish there was more of an elaboration, as the ending felt somewhat rushed to me and I feel like the character development wasn’t as effective as other books. It did tackle a big topic of depression, which showed the struggles and confusion of coping with a mental illness. I would have to rate this a 6.8/10 and I wouldn’t recommend it. This book would most definitely not be my first choice.

Heart Bones

I just finished this book and I most definitely enjoyed it (just passed it on to my friend to read actually!) I read this in about a day flat and really was impressed. The book starts out a little slow, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless, making it a solid 9.3/10. The overall concept of the book was very creative and I really appreciate how much thought went into the characters and aspects of familial trouble and relationships. I would definitely recommend this one as it is one of the higher ranking C Hoov books! :)

November 9th

This book was very sweet overall and I am glad I got to split up the horror-romance novels with this one. I will say it can’t beat out some of the other 10/10 books, but I think this one was also a good entry C Hoov book. I’d give it a 8.3/10 just because the progression took a little longer than I anticipated. But yes, I would recommend!!


I LOVED this book — for a while, it was my number one until reading Verity. I really enjoyed it front to end! I like the mysteriousness starting at the beginning, quickly making me want to find out more and more. This book receives a solid 10/10 too (nothing to hate, truly). I would recommend this, especially if you are interested in reading one of her books that isn’t as extravagant first.


A little creepy. Similar to Verity, it has the scary aspect but if you long for the thrill then you will definitely enjoy this. I remember being confused for he bulk of the story but all the pieces finally fit at the end. One thing I admire about C Hoov’s stories are how wild they can be. This was one of her craziest for sure (IMO) and I would not be opposed to reading more like this, as she crushes the romance and horror combination. I would say this book gets a solid 8.8/10.

Nevertheless, I would recommend all her books even the ones I have not read yet, as I am sure they are interesting and good to a degree based on her track record! I am really looking forward to continue reading her books. My next one is Ugly Love (a classic from what I have heard), along with the Hopeless Series as well.

Thank you for reading my article — happy reading! :)

Selia Potas

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