Bohemian Rhapsody Review

Bohemian Rhapsody Review

By: Julia Keegan


Let me start off this review by stating that I am a massive Queen fan and had been waiting for this movie for months. My overall review though was that I was a little disappointed. While I did love the movie because I am seeing my favorite band on screen, Queen is so epic and I believe that the movie did not live up to them.


There were positive things about this movie though. You learn more about Freddie Mercury’s personal life. His relationship with his at one time fiance, Mary was one of much support and love. It was something I did not know about that Freddie Mercury going into this movie, but I am glad it is a story that they told. Also probably the highest point of this film is the actors. The actors and their counterpoints in the film look almost identical. Each actor, Joe Mazzello, Ben Hardy, Gwilym Lee, and Rami Malek gives a great performance for what they were given.  While Freddie Mercury was a ginormous rockstar, but Malack gives a more humble life to him. This cast had the opportunity to make this film absolutely perfect even Oscar nominated, I believe, but this story and editing of this movie lets it fall flat.


There were parts of this movie that completely did not make sense, as well as full scenes that were obviously missing from the movie. A kind of useless part was the three minute sequence of Queen going on tour and different neon light kinds of things kept popping up in between. While their performance scenes were amazing and my favorite parts just because I fully wanted to sing along in the theatre with them, I didn't see a need or a sequence like that. What was missing was John Deacon’s introduction to the band. In the beginning of the film at one point he is just on stage with them. Leaving that essential part of the movie out really took me out of the movie and upset me as they introduced every other member clearly, why not him as well?


Even with these faults I found in the movie, I still walked away from this with an even greater love of Queen and a desire to listen to their music for weeks after. Queen is a vanguard in music and hopefully this film allows them to increase their overdue recognition.