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Bieber Fever Contained

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

It’s nice to know that the beloved Justin Bieber has survived the pandemic that has tormented the globe for a second year.

With that said, we can turn our attention to the birth of not his own baby, but the child of his new sister-in-law Alaia Baldwin and her husband Andrew Aronow.

The caption welcomes baby Iris or as Justin calls her “the most squishy, cute, gumdrop ever!!”

While Justin’s attention may be on that baby, many eyes divert to the celebrity for one of two reasons: JB is wearing a mask; or JB with a baby in general.

This is what I sought to find in my only poll surrounding Bieber. The received feedback was 22 votes that break down as follows: eight votes regarding Bieber wearing a mask; and 14 votes for the Baby singer with a baby.
The votes could have swung either way and I would have been pleased.

I, for one, was relieved to see Bieber behind a mask, as many significant celebrities, no matter how famous, are being ridiculed for downplaying the seriousness of this global issue. Just in this past week, rapper Nicki Manaj dropped her anti-vax status, thus adding her to the embarrassing list of famous figures alongside Donald Trump, Rob Schnieder, and Jim Carrey just to name a few.

Bieber has been the center of bad behavior in the past, yet wearing a mask has proved his maturity at understanding common decency and respect for the health of others.

JB is still hot with a baby. As long as it’s not his own baby. Because he’s my baby.

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