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Bachelor in Paradise: S4 Recap

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

         When I turned on Bachelor in Paradise at the start of this season, I was slightly hesitant because leading up to the show, there was the huge scandal. The scandal put a screeching halt on filming the cast in Mexico and consequently delayed the Season Four air date by a week. I have to admit, I was a little surprised that they showed the episodes leading up to the incident between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. But of course, Chris Harrison had his fair share of alone time on camera to discuss what went down between the two cast members leading up to the allegations that were made.

         Following the two-week cancellation, the original members returned to the set to continue filming. Chris Harrison had a brief heart to heart meeting, all other cast members agreed to stay, and the season was back on track. Aside from the shutdown, this season of BIP was just as eventful as the rest. There always seems to be more drama in those eighteen days of filming then we can imagine. Here’s the Season Four recap – spoilers ahead!

         The season started with some BIP newbies, but of course, a few regulars returned for a second, or even third, round. The cast included many members from Rachel Lindsay’s season: Adam, Blake, Dean, Demario, Fred, Iggy, Diggy, Jonathan, Jack Stone, Matt and Robby. From Nick Viall’s season: Alexis, Christen, Taylor, Corrine, Sarah, Raven, Kristina, Lacey, Jasmine, Dominique, Jaimi, Danielle L. and Danielle M also made appearances. There were a few men from Jojo Fletcher’s season as well: Alex, Daniel, Nick and Derek. And we can’t forget about Ben Z. from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season. Amanda, Vinny, and the twins, Emily and Hailey, also returned to see if the third time was the charm in paradise.

         There were some cast members who’s time was very short in paradise, such as Vinny and Sarah. Others who just couldn’t find love, like Ben Z., who ended up returning home to be reunited with this dog. For others, their time in paradise was filled with drama, love triangles and much much more. Here we go!

         Dean, who was a popular favorite from his time on the Bachelorette, found himself in a love triangle with Kristina and Danielle L. also knows as D-Lo. Dean and Kristina hit it off from the start, connecting over their similar backgrounds, but once D-Lo joined the picture, Dean just couldn’t decide what he wanted. Kristina was ignored, multiple times, while Dean spent LOTS of time with D-Lo. Finally, Kristina left, but the next day, after choosing D-Lo, Dean realized he loved Kristina. In the end, his poor decisions left him single.

         Lacey, who joined BIP towards the beginning, couldn’t seem to make a connection with anyone. She went on a date with Diggy, but he was more interested in Dominque. Lacey was really hoping Daniel would show up, and he did. The two of them developed a weird relationship, but appeared to be super into each other. They lasted until the end, and went to a fantasy suite. Where Daniel claimed he was falling for Lacey. However the next day, he told her he didn’t mean what he’d said, so the two of them called it quits and sort of despise each other now.

         Amanda, who just can’t seem to find love, finally started something with Robby, who remained very persistent. The two of them were a pretty cute couple and were referred to as “Ken and Barbie.” But things headed South on the last day, when Robby was a bit more invested in the relationship than Amanda. The two parted ways and apparently got back together for a very short period of time following the end of the season.

         Taylor and Derek connected from the start. Things literally sparked between the two after Taylor insisted Derek build her a fire. Kind of a weird request, but whatever works for you girl. The two were inseparable for the rest of the season and are now engaged, yay! 

         Raven, who’s heart was broken during Nick’s season, was hesitant to fall for Adam, but once she did, they were a match made in Heaven. I personally thought they were the cutest couple there, plus, Adam just seems like a really great guy. The two made it to the end of the show and are still together.

         Christen, also known as “Scallop Fingers,” was a pretty popular pick on the show this season. She’s a virgin, and seems to be pretty vocal about it. But, we don’t know if that was what attracted the men to her most or if it was her scallopy fingers. In the end, she spent the most time with Jack Stone, who claimed to want to marry her and have kids with her someday, but things were quickly shut down when she suggested they leave as “just friends”. It was pretty clear that she was just in paradise to have a good time. 

         Finally, Corrine and DeMario hit it off the night she arrived. A whole lot of margaritas later, the two wound up fully-dressed in the pool and next thing we know, they were allegations of sexual assault, which were later dropped. DeMario also had some problems on Rachel’s season. I think it might be time for you to find something else to do with your time buddy. 

         Overall, Season Four of Bachelor In Paradise was insane, but hey at least one engagement and two happy couples came out of it.

Let the countdown to the new season of the Bachelor begin! 

Riley Jenson

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