Artists and Bands that Deserve More Attention

  1. 1. Elina

    Elina Stridh is a Swedish pop-singer who has recently arrived to the scene as a solo act; she’s previously lent a hand to popular hits such as Maroon 5 and SZA’s “What Lovers Do” and NEIKED’s “Sexual,” and has since released four raw, heartbreakingly honest singles about love and relationships.  Check out her powerful piano-accompanied debut, “Wild Enough,” to get a taste of her songwriting abilities and lyrical style.

  2. 2. Parachute

    Parachute is a pop-rock band whose music gives off classic 90s vibes. A fun fact about them that a lot of people are unaware of is that Jennifer Lawrence was featured in their music video for the song, “The Mess I Made!”  Parachute is coming out with a new self-titled album on May 10th, so be on the lookout if you’re interested!

  3. 3. Virginia to Vegas

    If you like Lauv or Wrabel, you might wanna check out Virginia to Vegas - he’s a 29 year old singer who focuses on indie & dance-pop genres.  On his albums there’s a mix of electronic jams, such as “Emotions,” as well as slow, emotional ballads, such as “Beautiful.”

  4. 4. WILD

    WILD is an indie-rock trio from Los Angeles, California, whose songs are as bright and fun-spirited as the clothing they wear. Their songs are those perfect feel-good tunes to play in the car or listen to on the beach in the summertime.  

  5. 5. Tritonal

    EDM lovers are going to love Tritonal - a music duo who specialize in all types of house and trance music. Here’s another fun fact - their song “I Feel The Love” features singer and actor Ross Lynch from R5 and Austin and Ally!

  6. 6. Astrid

    Astrid is a Norwegian singer, who you may recognize as the female voice on Shawn Mendes’ song “Air.” Like Tritonal, her sound is primarily that of electro-pop and tropical house, but it is the emotional tone in her voice that really makes her stand out from others in this genre of music.