Are Ugg Slippers Worth the Investment?

As the cold weather is approaching, I thought it would only be appropriate to mention a topic that many consumers debate over the holidays: Are Ugg slippers worth the price tag?

An average pair of Uggs would typically cost around $80 or more. This is a hefty price for many college students or people in general who do not want to spend excessive amounts of money on shoes. These slippers are extremely cozy and stylish but their price causes some to ignore their benefits. As an avid Ugg buyer, I might be slightly biased, but here are three reasons you should consider investing in a pair of Ugg slippers for yourself or someone else for the holidays.

Very Warm & Can Be Worn Outside:

Unlike most slippers, Ugg slippers can be worn outside and have excellent outsoles. They are fairly slip proof, so if you are going to class you can wear them in the snow or on the slippery sidewalk. The inside is also lined with wool or sheepskin, making them very warm and cozy. This makes Ugg a great slipper for both your “inside” life and running to and from class or work.

Tasman Slipper


If you take proper care of your slippers these can last two to three years based on the amount you wear them. In comparison with $15-30 off brand slippers that typically only last one year due to their flimsy material and outsoles, Ugg slippers could be a good buy for you.

Very Stylish

Ugg slippers come in a variety of colors, styles, and some even look like boots. If you are looking for a comfy yet stylish slipper to wear while studying or relaxing, these slippers might be the right ones for you.

We've outlined a few pairs that will keep you cozy!

  1. 1. The Fluff Yeah Slide

  2. 2. Tasman Slipper

  3. 3. The Coquette Twinkle



  4. 4. Dakota Slipper

I have only provided a few benefits of purchasing Ugg slippers, but I hope you are inspired for a good holiday gift, or a gift to treat yourself this winter!