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Both Forbes and Rain Magazine report that as of 2023, skirts are becoming a recurring fashion trend among college students – but why did they go out of style? 

Recent sightings in fashion America include miniskirt looks with a sheer layer added to the bottom or mid-section, adding a cool dimension. But why do skirts have a bad reputation?

Throughout history, maxi skirts have been a modest option for women. Maxi skirts are long skirts that reach the ankles or floor. They are commonly made from lightweight materials, making them a comfortable piece for any weather. The feel and flowy look make these skirts a sophisticated and elegant choice to dress up any outfit. 

Emerging in London in the early 1960s, the Mod movement saw the beginning of the maxi skirt trend. Characterized by bold patterns, bright colors, and short hemlines, the cute piece boomed in the 70s on the back end of the hippie movement. The 80s saw a decline but the 2000s brought it right back. Mini skirts came much earlier, a daring contrast to the long, modest maxi skirt. They first made their way to center stage in the early 1930s, taking off throughout the decade and making a statement. 

Do you wear skirts? What do you think of the skirt trend?

Lucy Kratman

Endicott '26

Hi everyone! My name is Lucy and I'm a sophomore Marketing/Communications major at Endicott! I love everything british - Harry Styles included. Enjoy my articles!!