Amazon Products Every College Girl Needs

  1. This oversized blanket is perfect for the winter. The name itself says it all. Wear this while writing a paper, or enjoying a hot cup of cocoa! 

  2. These scrunchies are cute and practical. They are not like a typical scrunchie. They have a zipper so you can carry your cash or chapstick. 

  3. This kit is a perfect alternative to getting manicures at the salon. You can teach yourself a new hobby, while also saving money on your nails! 

  4. This microphone can make for super funny TikTok videos to do with your friends. You can use this mic to order in the drive-thru to make for a quick laugh with your friends. 

  5. This game makes girls' night in or girls' night out super fun. This game contains truth or dare, never have I ever, and most likely to cards. This is a great way to learn more about your friends.