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Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
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To All The Style Icons I’ve Loved Before

I have never had an original thought about fashion. My fashion evolution started with the Disney Channel girls on my TV, who I grew up with, to the people who show up on my Instagram and Tik Tok feeds. Every look from  I’ve ever worn going to class to a day out and about has each of these characters and people behind them. 

As I get closer to a vaccination and the hopefulness of Spring is in the air, I wanted to look back at all of them and see how they are going to affect my post pandemic closet. I never want to purchase work from home clothes again. 

Sharpay Evans 

My true hero of the high school music series taught me how to wear your personality on your sleeve. You are what you wear, no matter how outrageous or over the top. Your style represents you. It has been years since I’ve worn the icon blue boop to the top dress for Halloween, but everyday I embrace my inner Sharpay.

I remember my most Sharpay look was, no surprise, at musical theater camp. I wanted to show up and show out on the first day. So, at Limited Too my mom got for me a plaid pink and black fluffy skirt and (get ready to cringe) a matching fedora. While I never wore that fedora again, sadly, I still try everyday to wear as much pink and silver jewlery is the best way. 

Hannah Montanna 

Both Hannah and Miley had me embrace at a young age that I have held on since that with style more is more. Layering with color was always something Hannah did. While I haven’t worn a thin gold scarf in a while, I always try to think of Hannah  when I layer something with a colorful sweater and some cute blue jeans. 

Alexa Chung

The It girl style that Alexa created was one that I envy. A classic vintage look is always the way to go. You should look like you’ve stolen every piece from a British grandpa and made it look new and beautiful. The way her style is now on display in her own brand is so inspiring as she went from making other people’s clothes look good to making her own closet for herself and others. 

Harry Styles

Harry is the only male on this list, but style and fashion has no gender. Saying goodbye to a gender binary creates more space for fun. What Harry’s taught me is what you wear is for you and no one else. Harry and his impressive stylist, Harry Lambert, have created the aesthetic of expecting the unexpected then stand out. 

Paloma Elsesser

Palome Elsesser is my favorite supermodel. We are a similar size of not the sample or a double zero, and to see her on the cover of Vogue this past year did make me cry a bit. As a kid I thought I always had to be skinny to look cool, but Paloma is the example that coolness does not have a size standard. Her simple but effortlessly high fashion style is always on my mind when I put together an outfit. 

Sophie Wood

It could not be 2021 for me not to mention a Tik Tok fashion icon. Sophie Wood or goodwood7 on Tik Tok and goodwoodx on Instagram is based in New York and is always creating the best content. Her style is so bright that it just always has a Spring time vibe. 

Hey, it is Julia Keegan the President and Campus Coordinator of Endicott College's Chapter of Her Campus. I am a born and raised New Yorker. So when I am not running around the North Shore of Massachusetts working as a digital media journalism and political science student, am I usually running around New York going to every museum, store, and cafe.
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