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7 Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

7 Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

If you’re reading this, you probably know the struggle. You go to the mall with your friends to do a little shopping and you stumble upon a beauty product you might want to try out. It smells good. The packaging is cute. You wanna test this bad boy out, right? Then before you know it, your skin is all red and blotchy and itchy and your soul is just a deep void of sadness. Well fear not, my fellow sensitive skin cursed friend. Here are a few beauty products that I have found over the years that have made my skin feel clean, healthy, and happy.


Oil-Free Moisture-Sensitive Skin


Say good-bye to dry skin, sister. This moisturizer is made specifically for sensitive skin and it is dermatologist recommended. I usually use two pumps and slowly rub it in my face after I take a shower at night. By the next morning, your skin will be smooth, soft, and have a nice glow to it. It also helps makes your foundation look better. You can purchase it at any drug store or order it online for $8.99.




Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar


Finding a good exfoliator for sensitive skin is pretty tricky since many products contain ingredients that can easily irritate skin. This exfoliator, however, is a game changer. This everyday gentle exfoliator washes away dead skin cells so that your skin feels brand new. And it doesn’t contain microbeads, which isn’t healthy for your skin. There’s a reason why this is #1 dermatologist recommended. And it smells so good.




Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer


This is a great moisturizer to use on your skin, especially in the winter. It’s unscented and it contains vitamins that will nourish and replenish your skin.




MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation


When I first started wearing make-up, I had a hard time finding quality foundation that didn’t irritate my skin. Then when I was sixteen, a lady at Sephora recommended this product to me and I’ve been using it ever since. This lightweight foundation easily blends into skin and it doesn’t clog up my pores. It was even Allure’s reader’s choice award winner.




TRESemmé Thermal Creations Protective Spray Heat Tamer



For the past year or so, I’ve noticed that the heat protectant spray that I used in my hair irritated my skin. So I recently switched to this spray by TRESemmé and I absolutely love it. My skin has no reaction to it and it protects my hair when styling it with hot tools. And as a bonus, it smells fruity.



Aveeno® Positively Smooth® Shave Gel

This timeless shaving cream is specifically made for sensitive skin. It is made with natural soy as well as rich emollients so that your skin is soft and conditioned. You can easily purchase this at any drug-store.




Becca Glow Gloss


When I was a kid, I was disappointed when my sparkly Disney Princess lip glosses irritated my lips. I’ve avoided using lip gloss every since then…until I somehow miraculously stumbled upon this gem. With ten different shades, this lip gloss not only gives you a nice color and shine to your lips, but it also has the same nourishing benefits as a balm (and they smell amazing). This is definitely my favorite product on this list.




I hope that I’ve helped you find some new products that you are interested in. And if you’re reading this and you have sensitive skin like me, don’t let it get you down — there are plenty of products out there that I’m sure you’ll find something that will make you happy. Stay positive! :)


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