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5 Things you should do at the beginning of the semester

5 Things you should do at the beginning of the semester

  1. You should always make the effort to introduce yourself to your new professors.

  2. You want them to know who you are, and begin to build a relationship with them.This will always come in helpful, whether you need extra credit, help with some of the homework, or even a written recommendation down the road. Professor’s have excelled in the subject that they teach make sure to utilize them for all they can offer.

  3. You should make a written schedule, and block out your classes and work schedule.

  4. This gives you the opportunity to visualize when you have time for friends, extracurriculars, and homework.

  5. You should try to get involved in a something new around campus...

  6. Whether it is joining a new club or signing up for intramurals. This allows you to break out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Endicott is such a friendly campus, use that to meet people that you would not normally have hung out with.

  7. You should try and make an effort to hit the gym

  8.  Nothing crazy, maybe it is just riding the bike or stopping in on a yoga class, but it gives you clarity and a stronger mental health. When your stress level is reduced it makes it easier to operate cognitively at a higher level.

  9. Finally, you should set written goals for yourself.

  10. Figure out what you want out of this semester of college write it down and then strive to a achieve it. Put these goals somewhere in your room where you can see it and that will motivate you to strive for it everyday.

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