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5 Things That Should Be In Your Dorm

5 Things That Should be in Your Dorm Room   


  1. A Big Mirror

In order to feel our best a lot of us want to look our best. That’s where a big mirror comes in. I have a giant glittery one from Bed, Bath and Beyond on my desk, which is also my vanity. Last year my roommates and I got teased for having an unnecessary amount of mirrors in our room. But we loved it! You need to have a full length mirror to check out your outfit, a wall mirror to see the final product of our hair or makeup, and lastly a hand mirror to get up close and personal while styling your naturally beautiful face.  


2)   A Ladder Shelf 

I know a lot of dorms are short on space so if you can’t afford to fit it that’s alright, but I see it as a miracle at actually providing more space. My ladder shelf has 5 shelfs with a fair amount of room to store things. We store our food, cups, utensils, and plates on the bottom two shelves, while our printer, lamp, mugs, Keurig, and candy for those late nights on the top three shelves. I see it as an investment because while you lose space for other furniture, you  gain space with all the shelves. The possibilities of what you could put on the shelf are endless!


3)   A Wall Calendar 

Every collegiate needs to plan out her busy schedule somewhere that is visible. I find it helpful to have an aesthetically pleasing calendar that hangs beautifully over my desk. As of right now it provides a blank space for me to look at the month without feeling overwhelmed, but once October hits it’s time to mark that baby up! Marshalls and Homegoods always have adorable wall calendars that’ll be perfect accents for your dorm room.   


4)   Curtains

A dorm is basically your home for 9 months out of the year so why not make it cozy! One thing that will really add to the homey feel is curtains. Whether you’re in a suite or the tiniest room ever, curtains can help make it a little sweeter. I bought all mine at Target, every collegiates one stop college shop!  


5)   Pictures of Friends and Family 

Any home is not a home without pictures of your loved ones. With all the cute frames and ways to hang pictures it’s hard not to put up pictures of our friends and family. i have an adorable, yet affordable film strip picture frame from Michaels hanging on my wall. It’s the perfect uniquely-me accessory for my dorm room.   


That being said everyone’s dorm should have a bit of their own personality in it. We embrace individuality and want to see your dorms! Share your dorm pics with #Endicottdorms #HerDorms 

I graduated from Endicott College with a B.S. in Marketing Communication and Advertising, with a minor in Photography. I am now attending Emerson College to attain my M.A. in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. I love fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, social media, and photography! 
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