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12 Reasons to be Thankful as a College Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Endicott chapter.

12 Reasons to be Thankful as a College Student

Riley Jenson


There are so many reasons to be grateful in your life. It’s easy to forget about all of the good things in life, and focus on the bad. It’s important to constantly remind yourself of the good, and to be thankful for all that’s in your life. Not only is this good for you soul, it’s good for your health. We all associate gratitude with Thanksgiving, but really, the holiday has been taken over with pumpkin spice drinks and deliciously filling foods. I urge you to take a step back from the tangible things in life, and take a moment to focus on all that you have. Show gratitude and be happy. Here is a list of why you should be thankful, not only for the holiday, but for everyday.


1. Your health

     – don’t take your health for granted.


2. Having money (even if it’s just a couple of bucks)

     – we all know that money doesn’t actually grow on trees, and unless your lucky, you’ve had to put in some hard work to earn it. Be grateful for a job, a family who loves you and supports you (financially), and of course, that spare change you have lying around to buy a coffee.


3. Family and Friends

    – okay some may argue that your family is required to love each other and spend time together, but that’s not totally true. Always be grateful for your friends. They don’t have to deal with all of your craziness, but they do.


4. Pets

    – and I mean, animals all together. These furry creatures just make everything a little better.


5. Weekends

     – even if your working, it’s still a break from classes and exams.


6. Fresh air

    – I love this time of year because you step outside, and it’s the best feeling. The air somehow feels fresher this time of year.


7. Laughter

    – The best type of medicine. Be thankful for humor in your life. Funny T.V shows, movies, friends, books, people.


8. Safety

     – We live in a pretty scary world. Whether your living at home or in a dorm, your living a pretty safe life. Be thankful for safety and security.


9. Love

    – Who doesn’t love to love? Be thankful for the love you give and the love that is given to you. Whether it’s a partner, family, friends, or pets, be grateful.


10. Challenges

   – Maybe it’s tough to be faced with a challenge, but don’t you just feel so great once you’ve accomplished it?  


11. Passions, skills, and hobbies

    – Whether you’ve learned it, or you were born with it, it’s pretty awesome to be good at something.


12. Creativity

    – Your own, and all that surrounds you. If your a creative person, be grateful that you have such an open mind. If your not so creative, be grateful for all that is creative and artistic in the world. Music, films, photography… whatever it may be.


Riley Jenson

Endicott '20

I am a senior at Endicott with a major in Marketing Communication/Advertising and a minor in Professional Writing. I'm passionate about writing and the fashion industry. My dream is to move to New York City.
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