10 Schmidt Quotes to Help You Through Any Situation

New Girl is without a doubt one of the best sitcoms of our generation, but this show would be incomplete without one extremely important character: Schmidt. Here, I’ve rounded up some of his best quotes for every situation you may find yourself in. Need a good comeback? Look no further, Schmidty has you covered. 

  1. 1. When you’re feeling especially cynical:

  2. 2. When you aced that impossible exam:

  3. 3. When you realize that you have absolutely nothing to wear:

  4. 4. When your BFF needs a little extra encouragement:

  5. 5. When Friday finally rolls around:

  6. 6. When you need to express your superior eating habits:

  7. 7. When you need your friends to understand what they've gotten themselves into:

  8. 8. When you’ve had enough of pre-teens:

  9. 9. When you really just want a shower:

  10. 10. And finally, when you need the ULTIMATE pick up line: