Why We're Obsessed With "Call Her Daddy"

If you’ve ever wondered what women’s locker room talk would sound like — I have a podcast for you. “Call Her Daddy” is a podcast produced by Barstool Sports and hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn that talks about everything and anything. They mostly speak on topics surrounding sex, relationships, and any other topics most people are too scared or uncomfortable to talk about. As a disclaimer, I will mention that it is vulgar, inappropriate, and a little obscene — but not in a tasteless way. 


Upon your first listen, you might be skeptical after hearing the high-pitched voices talk about things that aren’t typically spoken about so casually. Hearing them teach their listeners, who are lovingly referred to as the #DaddyGang, about the “Gluck Gluck 3000” might shock you at first, but I think that this is what makes them so amazing. When hearing women discuss sex on a top ten podcast on Spotify shocks you, you realize how uncommon it is for women to talk about sex on large platforms or even publicly at all. “Call Her Daddy” is fighting the stigma surrounding female sexuality by being completely transparent about themselves as women. Women often aren’t encouraged or taught to express our sexuality, but we are sexual beings! While Cooper and Franklyn are often criticized for their discussions on cheating and getting away with it, I think it is one of the most empowering aspects of this podcast. Hearing their self-awareness and how comfortable they are expressing their opinions as women is somewhat inspiring. As an advocate of normalizing sex and discussing sex, I think this podcast is perfect. It does exactly that in a comical way catered towards both men and women.

Not only will this podcast have you crying with laughter, but it opens up a whole new community for you to be a part of. The #DaddyGang has a camaraderie stronger than any other podcast fan base I’ve ever heard of. Wearing “Call Her Daddy” merch in public can almost guarantee that you’ll make new like-minded friends. If you don’t want to invest in a hoodie that says “degrade me” or a t-shirt with one of the hosts’ mugshots on it — try putting #DaddyGang in your Tinder bio. The amount of messages you’ll get from fellow members of the #DaddyGang will amaze you.

Politics and opinions aside, this podcast is absolutely hilarious. Their personal stories and stories they read aloud sent in by listeners will have you laughing until it hurts. This is the perfect thing to listen to on a night in while sitting around with your girls and drinking cheap rosé.

I hope everyone gives this podcast a chance, and after hearing one 45-minute episode of the hilarious NSFW content, I hope that you all join me in the #DaddyGang.