What Spring 2019 Runway Trend You Need in Your Closet ASAP According to Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs: you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. Of course, when we say zodiac signs, we are typically referring to what is known as our sun sign. Your sun sign is your overall personality and generally the sign whose attributes you can relate to the most. As someone who is super into astrology, I've found that a lot of people say “Oh, I don’t believe in astrology because I’m nothing like my sign.” What they usually fail to realize is that you have an entire birth chart that describes (very much in-depth) why certain aspects of your personality and inner psyche function the way they do. So while we can’t always rely solely on sun signs as expressions of who we are, it’s still pretty fun to see which parts we can identify with most. With that being said, here are this spring’s runway trends that you should incorporate into your wardrobe based on your sign.

Aries: Biker Shorts

As an Aries, you usually know exactly what you want and aren’t afraid to do whatever is necessary to get it. While your sign sometimes gets a bad rep for being impulsive and blunt (the term “anger issues” probably only makes you more angry), you don’t get enough credit for how productive and efficient of a leader you can be. Sleek, commanding and functional, biker shorts won’t get in the way of you achieving your goals, they’ll simply make you look more chic while doing it. See Fendi’s below.

Taurus: Crochet

Try to keep an open mind when you hear the word crochet; this summer’s trend definitely has nothing in common with your Grandma’s bulky scarves and sweaters. As an Earth sign (and for Tauruses in particular), you’re definitely drawn towards things that feel like home. You crave stability and anything that has a hint of familiarity you’re definitely on board with. But you also have an appreciation for the finer things in life and definitely know when to treat yourself. A funky crochet dress gives you the best of both worlds. See Oscar de la Renta’s below.

Gemini: Mix and Match Prints

Your thoughts are usually running at a speed of a million miles a minute, thanks to your ruling planet Mercury that governs communication, so you need a look that can match your stamina. You often get bored easily and crave things that stimulate your curiosity and intellect. A colorful and exotic mix of exciting prints gives you that extra kick of fun, while also catering to both sides of your personality when you just can’t seem to make up your mind about what to wear. See Self-Portrait’s below.

Cancer: All Lavender Everything

Soft and delicate just like the ebb and flow of your emotions, this spring’s It Color will quickly become your go-to. It invokes a sense of intuition and mystery, which cater to your sensitive side. Try dressing yourself head to toe in pastel like Kate Spade’s below.

Leo: Statement Straw Hat

Let’s be honest, Leo. You’ve never been one to shy away from attention. In fact, you thrive off of it. Hats are perfect way to compliment your flair for the dramatic without being too in your face. Plus, it only seems fitting that your “king of the jungle” stereotype gets its own crown.

Virgo: Neutral Hues

As a Virgo myself, I think I can speak on behalf of all Virgos when I say that I like my closet just as unproblematic, organized, and aesthetically pleasing as the rest of my life. We want something that’s practical and meticulously put together (bonus points for intensive detailing on any well-made garment!) without being boring. We don’t like chaos and prefer a more refined, color coordinated approach. Make it monochromatic and you’ve got an outfit that works just as hard as you. See Burberry’s below.

Libra: Patterned Suits

I feel like the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Libras is your love of harmony and justice. While it’s definitely true that your sign always takes both sides into consideration and is one of the most cooperative out of the zodiac, I don’t think people consider just how much of an Air sign you can also be. You love aesthetics (particularly art or anything you think is “beautiful”), but you also can never make up your mind, especially when it comes to clothes. This indecisiveness is almost to a fault, but it finds a solution in the patterned suits that found their way onto this spring’s runways. Give your a diplomatic side a makeover with a suit like this one from Veronica Beard.

Scorpio: Sheer Bottoms

Strong willed and passionate, you never compromise your personality. You live your life completely authentically and others may even be slightly intimidated as you tend to come off as older than you really are due how mature and in control of your life you seem to be. You definitely have a sexy and intense side and you aren’t afraid to show it off, so flashing a glimpse of your briefs probably already seems somewhat comfortable to you. Cover it up with a sheer slip like John Galliano’s below to maintain your air of mystery.

Sagittarius: Fringe

Your curious and energetic nature tends to leave you with a serious case of wanderlust, Sagittarius. If you could have it your way, you’d probably travel the world in an attempt to soak up every bit of culture and new experiences that you could. Your free spirit can also sometimes lead you to maybe say something you probably shouldn’t have, getting you into some definitely awkward situations. At least you can claim that it’s simply coming from the heart and look the part of a hippie spirit to match with a fringe dress like the Gucci one below.

Capricorn: Utilitarian

I know, I don’t want to feed into the stereotype that the only defining characteristic of Capricorn is how hard they work. But come on, this is a pretty perfect fit (and also as a Virgo, I would say that we catch an equal amount of flack so I think I have the right to speak on it). Your dedication to self-discipline and ability to make realistic plans that get you where you wanna go make it seem necessary to have a couple functional pieces in your wardrobe. Practicality doesn’t have to be stiff however, with a look like the Fendi one below.

Aquarius: Tie-Dye

People have a lot of strong (and mixed) feelings about tie-dye, just like people tend to have with Aquariuses. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that tie-dye is a print that definitely screams “I’m a fun loving unique spirit who thinks outside of the box!”. It also screams “I’m an eccentric hippie who sometimes thinks that my opinions about philosophical subjects are more important than other people’s opinions. Also I listen exclusively to the Grateful Dead and will be deeply offended if you have never heard of them”. Both of which are applicable. See below R13.

Pisces: Feathery Light

I know that Pisces are typically associated with the ocean and consequently, fish, but I feel that the elegance of a feathery bird also captures the same light and artistic air. Your intuition and wisdom guide you and the gentleness of some feathery accents in your wardrobe would certainly appease your desire to surround yourself with all things dreamy and lovely. Take flight with a dress like the Valentino one below.