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What I learned from a semester of Zoom University

A year ago today I would have been rushing through the rain-soaked grass of the quad while looking over last night’s notes on my phone. I would have barely made it on time, but despite being half-asleep, I was always excited about what the day would bring.




 There was never a dull moment; whether it was my professor nearly dropping a beaker or having to act out a scene from a Spanish drama.




 I was focused on the present, knowing that every day was a story waiting to be told.




But with the introduction of Zoom, I felt as if it was all stripped away.

Without a proper goodbye, I was left with the bare bones of what used to be my Emory experience. And here I was, at the start of a new semester, mourning the loss of my sophomore year. 




I refused to look forward, adapt, and start anew. In my mind, I was still heartbroken, so I just put myself in autopilot, submitting each assignment with the basic knowledge I had from zoom lectures. It didn’t hit me until the work began to creep up on me. Assignments that I lost track of evolved from minor headaches to full-blown all-nighters. 




On my bed with cups of coffee, I would furiously type away and curse Zoom University into the early morning hours. 




And in one of those, I took a long break to reflect and let reality sink in. 

At 3 a.m. I realized..


  1. I needed to stop romanticizing the past 


  1. I have to relearn what it meant to be productive


  1. I must adapt and keep going


  1. I have to stop isolating myself  


  1. Most importantly, I need a break 


This is a time of uncertainty but not for self-sabotage. It’s easy to lose focus and get stuck in the past. But if I had the chance to start over again, I would go into Zoom University with the mindset that this is the time to revisit my goals. 




Now it’s a matter of figuring out what I needed from this new Emory experience. Along with readjusting my career path, I realized that I needed to take a deep breath and just find the humor in all of this. Whether the key is actively listening to my professor’s wild stories or hosting Zoom parties, I focus on just enjoying the little things of college life and knowing that one day, Zoom University will just be a memory. 

Hello! I am Bianca, a first-year student from Emory University who is planning on majoring in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology or just Biology. As much as I love science, I also have a passion for fashion, documentaries and cultural foods! I am a proud latina and also a believer in women empowerment- you could find me at the Center for Women!
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